Visit Teaching Advocacy Blog

This blog is dedicated in part to teaching pretrial, trial and appellate advocacy, and, therefore, I was delighted to discover Teaching Advocacy Blog, which has teaching advocacy skills as its focus. That blog is administered and often written by Christopher Behan (Assistant Professor of Law, Southern Illinois University School of Law), Charles Rose (Director, Center for Excellence in Advocacy; Professor of Excellence in Trial Advocacy at Stetson College of Law) and Hugh Selby (Barrister and Australian National University where he writes about “courtcraft” – neat term).

If you are teaching pretrial, trial or appellate advocacy, this is a blog to follow for valuable articles on teaching advocacy. The authors of the blog include both the administrators and guest authors. The blog has passed a milestone of 20,000 page views. A history of the blog can be found here.

A very small sampling of what you can find here includes:

Why we need to train young Public Defenders and a few thoughts about how
Teaching Advocates to Listen
Using Checklists in Advocacy Teaching and Practice
Teaching Cross Indoctrination Instead of Cross Examination

Take a couple minutes to visit the site and you are likely to find something useful if you teach pretrial, trial or appellate advocacy.