Successful Trial and Evidence Skills and Strategies Presentations


Been on the road this week. On Wednesday, we were on the top floor of Harvey’s – from there the view of Lake Tahoe is spectacular. My subject for the afternoon’s half-day presentation is “Premier Trial Skills and Strategies.” Executive Director for the Nevada Prosecutors Advisory Council, Brett Kandt, is seen here before the program starts, and he is flanked by Churchill County Prosecutor Art Mallory (left) and Douglas County (South Lake Tahoe) Prosecutor Mark Jackson (right).


Friday morning I was in Buffalo, New York, and from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. my presentation covers “Successful Evidence Skills and Strategies.” The seminar is at the Hyatt in downtown Buffalo. Unlike Wednesday’s audience which was all prosecutors, this audience at the Erie Bar Institute for Law is composed almost exclusively of attorneys in civil practice. Mary Kohlbacher, Director of Continuing Legal Education is in charge of this seminar. Pictured here before the presentation started are the duly elected District Attorney Frank Sedita and Senior Counsel Chris Belling. Chris was kind enough to introduce me. After the presentation, lunched with old friends at Betty’s.

I feel honored to be invited by these two organizations and appreciate the kindness and hospitality shown by both those responsible for orchestrating the programs and the attendees.