Trial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy, Third Edition conveys a clear understanding of the trial process, how lawyers think, and the strategies and techniques of trial persuasion. An accompanying DVD features trial demonstrations by veteran litigators. A regularly updated companion website provides articles, supplemental materials, downloads, and links to additional resources.

Updated throughout, the timely Third Edition provides checklists in each chapter as a useful teaching aid. Topical coverage has been expanded to include discussion of Internet interference during trial and the use of focus groups, trial simulations, and technology in trial preparation.

Trial Advocacy: Assignments and Case Files, a separate publication, contains 86 role-play assignments and is cross-referenced to Trial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy.

A leader in the field, Trial Advocacy offers:

·         a thorough and lucid overview of the trial process

·         balanced coverage of practice and theory

·         informative discussion of how trial lawyers think and act

·         how litigators use state-of-the-art technology

·         trial persuasion strategies and techniques

·         a thoughtful look at the ethical and legal boundaries of trial advocacy

More of what’s new in the Third Edition:

·         new coverage of bench-trial advocacy

·         a comprehensive treatment of courtroom evidence

Summary of Contents

·         Chapter One: An Introduction: The Books, CDs, DVD and Website

·         Chapter Two: Trial Persuasion Principles

·         Chapter Three: Case Theory and Theme Development

·         Chapter Four: Jury Selection: Two-Way Exchange

·         Chapter Five:  Opening Statement: Storytelling

·         Chapter Six: Making and Meeting Objections

·         Chapter Seven: Introducing Exhibits

·         Chapter Eight: The Visual Trial and Today’s Technology

·         Chapter Nine: Direct-Examination: Building the Case

·         Chapter Ten: Cross-Examination: Concession Seeking

·         Chapter Eleven: Experts: Yours and Theirs

·         Chapter Twelve: Jury Instructions: The Jury’s Law

·         Chapter Thirteen: Closing Argument: Art of Argument