Special Features - DVD

Pretrial Advocacy comes with a DVD. On the DVD are the following:

A movie of how to TAKE A DEPOSITION and how to USE A DEPOSITION IN TRIAL. This movie serves as a valuable training tool for these pretrial activities.

A TOUR OF THE SCENE where the shooting took place. This movie brings the case to life with a visit to the Garage tavern where the alleged murder occurred. It also provides a vehicle for learning the importance of visiting the scene during trial preparation. View a film clip of the tour-of-the-scene video in the EVENTS page of this web site.

TRIAL VISUALS. Also, on the DVD are samples of computer animations that may be developed for trial. Stills from the animation by Legal Art Works can be seen below. Legal Artworks and other companies that create trial visuals can be found on the LINKS page of this web site.