Thoroughly updated and revised, Pretrial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy, Third Edition, provides an excellent conceptual and practical foundation for pretrial litigation. Page design makes it user friendly for both professors and students, it demonstrates the realities of law practice while maintaining an emphasis on case theory. The book comes with 2 CDís and a DVD with real-life examples, software, and documents.

The Third Edition includes:

  • DVD with video of the crime scene, deposition demonstrations, computer animations, and software slideshows
  • Checklists at the end of each chapter for easy reference and teachability
  • CD with Case Files for civil and criminal cases with realistic documents
  • CD with Actorsí Guide (witness materials for role-play with the assignments)
  • Teachersí Manual
  • This website for faculty and students: digital downloads; teaching tools and discussion articles on pretrial and trial advocacy and settlement, and links to softwareTaking and Defending Depositions with effective techniques and strategies
  • Discovery with E-Discovery emphasis
  • Creating Visuals: for pretrial,trial and settlement featuring technological innovations
  • Case Management and organization
  • 78 Assignments for student role-play performance and Discussion Questions
  • Up-to-date Ethical Considerations based on ABA Model Rules are included in the text and Assignments

Summary of Contents

Chapter 1. Entering the Advocate's World Chapter 2. Formulating the Case Theory Chapter 3. Developing and Managing the Case Chapter 4. Forging the Attorney-Client Relationship Chapter 5. Counseling the Client Chapter 6. Witness Interviewing Chapter 7. Strategic Pleading Chapter 8. Creating a Coordinated Discovery Plan Chapter 9. Taking and Defending Depositions Chapter 10. Creating Visuals Chapter 11. Pretrial Motion Advocacy Chapter 12. Negotiating the Best Disposition Chapter 13. Alternative Dispute Resolution Chapter 14. Introducing the Cases and Assignments