Wolters Kluwer (Aspen) Publications presents premier pretrial advocacy,  trial advocacy and evidence skills and strategies books and movies by Berger, Mitchell, and Clark for practitioners and law students as follows:

NEW Fourth Edition of PRETRIAL ADVOCACY: PLANNING, ANALYSIS, AND STRATEGY provides a solid conceptual and practical foundation for pretrial litigation.   It examines all aspects of pretrial litigation, such as case analysis, motions, witness interviewing, pleading, discovery, taking and defending depositions, ethical responsibilities, and ADR.  The book includes 78 role-playing assignments in criminal and civil cases.  The text utilizes ground-breaking technology, including a CD and a DVD (taking a deposition and using it in trial), visuals and a tour of the scene - Garage tavern - with real-life examples, software and documents. New to the 4th Edition: Thoroughly updated, the revised Fourth Edition presents: new chapter on pretrial conferences in civil and criminal cases; expanded coverage of criminal case plea negotiations; sample Exemplary Forms in the bind-in CD; revised chapter on depositions with new material; and more.

The Third Edition of TRIAL ADVOCACY: PLANNING, ANALYSIS & STRATEGY is completely revised to reflect today’s trial practice. 

"Trial Advocacy 3rd Edition by Berger, Mitchell and Clark is an excellent introduction for students and new lawyers, and a valuable handbook for seasoned lawyers. With its coverage of newly emerging topics, I will keep it at my desk."

     Kenneth L. Shigley, President, State Bar of Georgia, 2011-2012, Author,  Georgia Law of Torts: Trial Preparation & Practice (West 2010)

Trial Advocacy covers the fundamentals up through advanced trial skills and strategies. The book presents excellent trial persuasion principles, state-of-the-art technology, and ethical boundaries for trial lawyers. An accompanying DVD contains a trial demonstration movie with model performances by experienced trial lawyers and observations by Ann Rule, well-known author of true crime books. Also, the DVD contains a tour of the crime scene and trial visual animations. View a trailer for the trial demonstration movie and a clip from the crime scene tour. New to this edition are: judicial expectations of counsel and how to meet them;  practical checklists added to each chapter; comprehensive coverage of evidentiary foundations and visual persuasion; guarding against juror online research misconduct; interlinking of the trial movie and the text; and bench trial advocacy.

The second edition of TRIAL ADVOCACY: ASSIGNMENTS & CASE FILES book provides both a criminal homicide and a related civil wrongful death case that can be used for mock trials and/or for 86 role plying assignments.  Ideal for experiential learning in the law school classroom or for in-house training. This Assignments book can be used as either a companion to Trial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis & Strategy (chapters cross-reference directly to the Assignments book) or used alone, for trial performance exercises. A CD contains case files for these assignments. Teacher's Manual along with Actors' Guide (witness instructions for role-play assignments) also provided.

NEW BOOK RELEASE: EVIDENCE: SKILLS, STRATEGIES, AND ASSIGNMENTS FOR PRETRIAL AND TRIAL and the accompanying trial demonstration movie on DVD are designed to fill the need that lawyers and law students have for skills instruction on how to apply evidence law in pretrial litigation and trial. Generally, traditional law school evidence courses teach legal doctrine, but not how evidence law works in real-world practice. The book provides instruction on making and meeting objections, introducing and displaying exhibits, and making and responding to motions. There are 49 practical experiences in applying skills and strategies in pretrial and trial settings in the Freck Point civil wrongful death and/or criminal homicide case. Included are case files, witness instructions and exhibits for the role-play assignments as well as an Evidence Handbook based on the Federal Rules of Evidence, and typical of a state evidence manual it contains evidence law and model evidentiary foundations for the assignments and to perfect skills. For law school, these materials can provide supplemental evidence-skills training for either evidence or trial advocacy courses or a free-standing evidence skills course. 


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Review of Evidence Skills Book 

Review of New Evidence:Skills book

"Evidence: Skills, Strategies and Assignments for Pretrial and Trial is a very impressive piece of work. I have not seen a trial practice book like it -- one that develops a rich set of facts that can be used for instruction on all phases of both a civil and a criminal trial, from start to finish." 

Professor Eleanor Swift, School of Law (Boalt Hall), University of California at Berkley

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Two Trial Advocacy Books

See Third Edition of Trial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy and Second Edition of Trial Advocacy: Assignments and Case Files

Wolters Kluwer (Aspen) has released the third edition of Trial Advocacy:Planning, Analysis, and Strategy and  the second edition of companion book Trial Advocacy: Assignments and Case Files by Berger, Mitchell and Clark

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